Monday, August 10, 2009


It hasn't been a week yet, I miss her so much. My Baby girl, I used to call her that. I remember all the times we were together, which was basically always. She was my guardian, she protected me from a group of older teens one night. They were walking toward me in a threatening manner. As soon as the first one got close Baby growled then jumped up and nipped them. They all ran. I told our local police officer the next day he said 'Good, I hope she really gets them next time!'
My Baby prevented people from breaking in next door to me. We lived in an apartment, she kept barking, I kept saying' That's enough now Baby!' She wouldn't stop, I went to the peep hole in the door, I saw movement. I said loudly ' BABY, WANT OUT!' I started to open the door, chain still on, then saw them flying up the stairs and out. Police were called, the woman living there was very upset, she hadn't been home. The police said to her ' You thank that dog, she made them run'! Oh, my sweet Baby girl you were much smarter than I was. One night as I was sleeping, for the first time Baby jumped on me, Of course I was awake then, I asked her 'You want outside?' No she didn't she turned around and went back to sleep. I was to find out I stopped breathing. We were as one her and I. Thankyou Baby for being such a great protector.
Your love was endless, my love for you is endless. There will never be another for me like you. I'm believing you're happy now. As Barry Manilow song says ' We Made it Through the Rain'. Together then & now I will too. I just want you to know how much I love you. RIP

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